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    We had a problem a few days ago when Survivor didnt record. In looking at the recording history it says it wasnt recorded because someone in the household modified the season pass that requested it.

    I checked the SP and it was fine. Record first run only. It worked on the first episode last week.

    We had it set the same way on two of our R10's; both did the same thing.

    I did a search and found scads of threads of people having similar problems over the last year.

    Like this one

    Seems the problems "go away" by themselves or require a 'delete program data and to do list' to resolve. Seems like they keep cropping up too.

    What stinks is I checked the to-do list the night before and saw the show was scheduled to record, so this happened last-minute.

    I'm sure calling directv with the problem will net me a waste of 20 minutes of my time. Is anyone around here connected enough with tivo or dtv that this can be looked into? Sporadic non-recordings of shows with little or no warning makes for a rather less than useful product.

    I'd love to do a 'delete program data and to do list', but I have about 65 season passes and wishlists and half the shows are currently not scheduled to record anything so I cant even re-enter them, and I put in about 40 manual recordings for all the prime time NFL games I want to watch. It'd take me all day to put that back in.

    Be nice to find and fix this bug once and for all. Anyone have an idea?

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