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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by JulianLang, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Dec 1, 2011


    Area of Bug: I have a bug related to "Season Pass", "To Do List" and the "Channel List", on a Tivo branded Series 2.

    My Setup: In the past, I received "Extended Basic" channels using my cable TV providers HD digital set-top box. During that time, I added several hundred programs to my Season Passes. But in the last year, I downgraded my cable service to analog "Limited Basic". Then, several months ago, the cable company required all customers convert to a small digital adaptor, instead of directly using analog. So, I had to redo my TiVo setup, to configure it for that box, re-specify
    my cable provider, channels received, etc. After that I started noticing the bug.

    Bug Symptoms: Some "Season Pass" programs are automatically being added to my "To Do List", but from "CHANNELS I DO NOT RECIEVE"! TiVo will attempt to record those bogus shows, and either record black or some other channel.

    Bug Details: These bogus programs are from higher numbered channels that had existed when I used "Extended Basic" and created their Season Passes. But with "Limited Basic", I no longer receive those channels. I did not deleted those obsolete Season Passes, since with several hundred passes, that would be very time consuming, and I don't want to loose them, in case I decide to upgrade back to "Extended Basic".

    Possible Cause: When I re-ran TiVo's setup, it asked if I was using a "Digital Set-Top Box". I answered, "I don't know", since I wasn't sure if the small "digital adaptor" is considered a set-top box. How should I have answered? I also correctly answered the few questions about which channels I receive, cable provider, no premium, etc, so TiVo could determine which channel listing to use. But after reconfiguring TiVo Setup, and "Getting Program Info", my "Channel List" included many more channels then
    "Limited Basic". The list looks like "Extended Basic". So, I edited the Channel List, to unmark channels I don't receive. Unfortunately, that modified "Channel List" is not 100% honored by "Season Pass" & the "To Do List", and some non-received programs get recorded!! Most of my obsolete Season Passes are ignored, but several bogus programs do get added to the "To Do List" each week.

    Attempts to Fix: I've redone TiVo's setup several times, re-downloaded all the program info, etc., and nothing fixes the problem. I could delete the problem Season Passes, but for future use, I'd like to avoid that solution (too bad a Season Pass can't be "paused").

    Shouldn't TiVo 100% honor the Channel List I've specified, and filter out bogus Season Passes? Are there other solutions to this bug????
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    I don't think prior-existing Season Passes look at the Channels I Receive List. If an SP is already set up for Channel 100 and you uncheck channel 100 from the list, I'm pretty sure the SP will still record. The only way to avoid that is to delete the Season Pass.

    The Channels I Receive list is used by the Guide (for the filters) and also by the TiVo when it's determining what Suggestions to record, and when searching for content.
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    Dec 8, 2007
    What drives me nuts is that I remove channels from the channel list (foreign language channels, etc that I don't want to watch) and then TiVo suggestions records these deselected channels regardless. Drives me nuts and clearly a bug/flaw in the TiVo software.
  4. windracer

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    Jan 3, 2003
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    I have not seen this happen on any of my TiVos (S2, S3, THD, or Premiere), although I have seen channels get re-selected after a lineup change.

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