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Discussion in 'TiVo Stream 4K' started by cwoody222, May 13, 2020.

  1. cwoody222

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    Nov 13, 1999
    Buffalo, NY


    Tonight I was reminded why I try to not use google.

    Shows that I searched for this afternoon on the Stream are now following me onto ads on sites when I browse on my iPad. (Where I’m not even signed into google)

    This is the kind of thing that’ll make me out the Stream back in its box. :(
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  2. cybergrimes

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    Jun 14, 2015
  3. Chris Fox

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    Oct 11, 2002
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    Unfortunately, things like this are almost impossible to avoid these days. Companies make more money off of us then they do selling products. One day, someone will find a way to make money developing products that protect our privacy. I'd say Apple is the most likely of the mega-corps who could do it, given the premium they command selling hardware...

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