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    Before doing that verify that power cycling the TA fixes it. This sounds like the TA isn't receiving its monthly authorization which requires a signal be pushed from the headend. When I used to have this issue, power cycling the TA did not help.

    You can see the exact date and time when your TA auth will expire in TA Diagnostics .... PowerKey Information .. third page in .. Sub Expires. The digits before the period are the date and the remaining digits are the time with the last two digits being the seconds. I have watched my TA stop working and start blinking 8-blinks-pause at exactly that time. If you're not getting that blink pattern then TA auth isn't the problem.

    My TA has to be power-cycled every month or two even when it hasn't lost auth. so the light timer may be your answer. I usally have to restart the TiVo then too.

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