SD is better with HDtivo than T60

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    I know when I was looking for tvs and thinking about hi def with the HDtivo, one of my questions was "will the SD be at least as good with the HDtivo?" At the time, I didn't know if SD would suffer at the expense of HD and I'm sure there's at least one other person out there that was curious. Another question was "will SD look ok on my new HDTV?" Since there's a lot of SD out there now still, it's an important question as far as I'm concerned. I spent hours reading on avs and here to see what the expert users were saying. And universally I found out SD can be difficult on some of the newer tvs due to their native resolution. I didn't want to have to worry about that so got a crt.

    After 3 months of using my new TV (equipment in my sig), SD definitely looks better output at 1080 on my hitachi than it does from my t60 at 480. I don't know if this is true with any other TV type so hopefully someone will chime in. I've noticed after I get done transferring from the HDtivo to my dvd burner, obviously in 480i, and forget to hit the switch, the PQ is worse than when i'm in 1080. So that gets flipped back fast!

    Everyone's experience will differ based on the kind of tv they have, but I'm pretty confident the results would be the same for any CRT RPTV, given their native resolutions are 540 or 1080 and the HDtivo can output 1080 of course.

    Hope this can help at least one person with their new purchase, especially if you will still have a decent amount of SD stuff to watch after your new HD purchase. The new fancy tvs, even though they are coming down in price, may not be what you were looking for after all.

    Another note is that the recorded HD stuff downrezzed to 480i to my dvd burner looks better than stuff I record from the T60. I'm sure someone else knows the technology behind why, but i'm guessing it's because it's easier to take away information than make it look better.

    Happy hunting.
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    With my setup it is just the opposite. I have a 62" Mitsubishi DLP and in my opinion SD looks better coming from an SD DirecTiVo (HDVR2 or T60) than SD from the HDTiVo.

    I think it comes do to where the upconversion is done. In my case the TV does a better job of upconverting the SD signal to HD than the HDTiVo.

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    I use both with a Panasonic ED plasma. I prefer the SD picture from the SD DTivo over the SD picture from the HD DTivo (via HDMI). I suspect that the reason may be that my TV settings for the HD DTivo are brighter and sharper to take advantage of HD images, and the softer settings for the SD DTivo may make the SD arttifacts looks less harsh.

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