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    Jun 10, 2020


    Hi all,

    I have a new issue that started recently and has stumped TiVo support, Samsung support, and myself. I have a samsung 4K tv and Tivo bolt. A few days ago the picture was cutting out and the screen would go black with the tv displaying “no signal.” this would happen every few minutes but now it’s permanent where I have no signal at all.

    here’s what I’ve tried / eliminated
    1) moved box to a diff tv (older Samsung 1080p tv- box worked fine with no loss of signal)
    2) new HDMI cable - didn’t work
    3) moved the box to a different input. This didn’t work (note that my other devices work fine, including on the input the TiVo box is typically on)
    4) I can access the box through the TiVo app on my phone and watch recordings so I think the hdd is fine

    any ideas? Thanks!
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    Aug 13, 2020
    My Tivo Bolt has audio signal drop out, at first in the YouTube app, but later when watching live tv. Then I started to see signal problems, like video corrupted with a green rectangle over one third of it, or dropping out to black screen. I can restart the Tivo by unplugging it and the errors stop happening for a few minutes, but after a while they are back. At first I blamed overheating because the coaxial cable connection on the back felt superhot to the touch. I raised the TivoBolt so more air could flow under it (used some Lego bricks to do this.) and for awhile, good pictures. But now it is back to the same problem: Long spells of black screen, even with the green power light on, and the yellow light flashing if I press a button the remote.
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