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    I recently bought a Samsung SIR S4080R DTV Tivo used for $10. Is there a way to test this thing before I activate it? I don't want to activate unless I know it works. I currently have an RCA DTV Tivo active in the house. :confused: It has an 80 gig HDD in it. How many hours is that good for? Can I hack it to work on both receivers using a card from a regular RCA receiver? I've heard both pro and con about this receiver. But, for ten bucks. :eek: Questions, questions.
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    Plug it in and connect to dish and you should be able to view channel 100 if you have access card. Get the receiver ID (RID) from the back of the unit and call DirecTV to make sure it has no outstanding balance and can be activated.
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    ...and try to record/play back channel 100. You may have to go through the guided setup. That will give you a chance to test out the remote control too.

    Rough rule of thumb for DTivos: Hard drive size (in GB) times 0.875 = hours recording, so your unit will record 70 hours or so.

    If you get the right CSR when you call in to DirecTV they should let you move an access card from a recevier on your account to your additional DVR. Since you already have a DVR and are paying a DVR fee, the additonal cost per month (if you replace an active non-DVR receiver with a DVR) is ZERO.
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    Note that you'll need a phone connection if the DVR requires its initial Guided Setup when you boot it up.
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    Sep 16, 2003


    I would first make a test call to check out the Modem.

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