S3s in Sunnyvale, CA - BB and Fry's have them

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by pablop, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I went to the Sunnyvale Fry's and asked the reps if they had any S3s in stock - two of them individually pointed me to the stack of S2s at the end of one isle and said that's all they had. Before abandoning the search, we walked past the isle that has all the DVD recorder boxes and there was a stack of 5 S3s. The boxes were dusty - so they've been sitting somewhere for a while. No one in the store knew they were there, so don't give up after a rep tells you they don't have them.

    We then drove down to Best Buy in Sunnyvale and got a similar story - until we asked a rep to check stock. He did and found they had two in stock - he uttered "Oh my God!" when he found that. He went searching for them and they were still shrink-wrapped in the loading bay. I bought one and got the 4 year replacement warranty for $29.99 which is undoubtedly incorrect, but a great deal until their systems are updated.

    A quick trip to the Comcast Cupertino office to get cable cards was not that successful. All three women working there ended up assisting with the order. They had a hard time understanding what it was and how to charge for it. In the end, they set-up an appointment for a tech to come and install the cards, claiming they didn't have them at that office. They are charging $15.99 for the tech to come out and they claim the first cable card is free, but I have to pay $6.95/mo for the second one - as a second outlet fee. I decided to live with that since they will remove that charge (and a couple of others) once I get the Tivo set-up and return their (junky) DVR.

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    This makes it even more annoying that TiVo havn't shipped mine yet. If I didn't have to order through TiVo.com to get the lifetime transfer deal, I'd already be on my way to claim one of those.

    This is the first time I feel like less than a VIP over this. You have a bunch of rabid fanboys waiting for this, its not nice of TiVo to hold up the shipment. Particularly to their "most loyal" customers.
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    alot of CE companies seem to have troubles with new product launches, Sony PS3, Toshiba HD A1, BluRay with Samsung, (Sony and Pioneer still are back tracking), and Tivo with delays, pricing specualtions and not even shipping as retailers have it on the sales floor or shipped out already from their warehouses before tivo.

    You would think they all could have coordinated better. High dollar high profile and poor management.
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    I feel the same.
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    Thanks for the pablop! I went by the Sunnyvale Fry's after work and found 5 boxes sitting in the DVD recorder section as you mentioned. Let's just say there were 4 when I left.

    I'm very excited about this S3, and have been waiting for it for such a long time. I've always wanted a TiVo, but never got one since I needed HDTV recording. Over the last couple years I've built a few HTPC's and have been using one with 2 HDTV tuners to record OTA HD. It's been great, but I've had to also use the Motorola 6412 HD DVR from Comcast for all the premium HD, and that has been a less than pleasurable experience. Now, I can finally ditch the Comcast box, and enjoy my first TiVo experience. I'll still use my HTPC for additional HD/SD recording.

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