S3 Randomly drops HD channels on SA card

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by gguillot, Aug 31, 2007.

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    Sep 22, 2003


    Hello all,

    I searched the forum and could not find another example of this particular situation - I have a Series 3 with two SA cablecards. At least once a day, and usually during a recording, the screen will simply go grey on the HD channel. It will still receive the analog signals, but the Tivo requires a reboot before the unit will receive HD on that particular tuner. I seem to be having this problem only on slot 1 cablecard - when I lose the signal, I go to the "check channels" screen and see the problem on slot 1.
    The cable tech installed a signal amplifier and that has not seemed to have an affect. I also get a small amount of macroblocking, but not enough to really be a nuisance.
    I am thinking that maybe the cablecard is defective...any ideas?

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