S3 problem with OTA DT Channel Mapping

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by TiVoToo, Sep 14, 2006.

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    Sep 12, 2006
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    I'm experiencing a problem where the S3 has not assigned a Digital Transmission (DT) frequency to its corresponding virtual channel in the Channel List. I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

    The S3 TiVo is my 4th device with an ATSC tuner for OTA reception. With all of the other tuners, at initial setup, the tuners scans for digital broadcasts on the Digital Transmission (DT) frequencies. For all frequencies with signal, the tuner will use PSIP embedded in the signal to map the DT (physical) frequency to a virtual channel. In Orlando, the Fox affiliate (Channel 35) digital transmission is assigned to frequency/channel DT-22, and is mapped by the tuners to virtual channel 35.1. The Tivo HD seems to do this mapping differently. It obtains the DT channel mappings for all the local DT broadcasts as part of the Guided Setup. There is an option to have the tuner do a scan as a part of the System Settings. However, this scan will only find those channels (ATSC or QAM) that are not already in the Channel List. If the DT channel is already in the list, like 35.1, a DT frequency cannot be assigned or changed, or the virtual channel deleted and rescanned. For 35.1, there appears to be an error in the DT information that TiVo is using to setup the Orlando area DT channels in the Channel List during Guided Setup. There is no DT frequency assigned to channel 35.1. If you scroll through the channel list, you will note that the frequency of each DT channel is listed in the channel info. There is no frequency listed for 35.1. As a result when attempting to tune to 35.1, the TiVo displays the "No Channel Available" banner. [My other tuners tune this channel with no problem, and the TiVo HD tunes to all other DT channels that have assigned frequencies without a problem.]

    I have restarted the TiVo HD. This did not correct problem.
    I will retry Guided Setup when I get home this evening, but I'm not optimistic it will fix problem either.

    Would this happen if the transmitted PSIP for DT-22 didn't match what the TiVo HD had in its channel database?

    I have reported this problem via tivo.com/support. I hope they understand the issue. The site requires that you pick from one of several categories before the problem can be submitted. None of the categories were relevant, so I just picked the closest. Is this the first TiVo box with a ATSC tuner? If not, I would have thought there would have been a category for this as it could be a common problem.
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    I don't think TiVo uses the PSIP data. They use data from Tribune Media / Zap2It.com.

    Personally there's some errors in my zipcode too. I think it's is just a slightly more complicated "lineup" problem.

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