S3 Lifetime Xfer/S2 1yr prepaid - Heads up!

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by bluetex, Oct 7, 2007.

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    For those people who jumped on the Series3 bandwagon this time last year and transferred lifetime service from your Series2 -- HEADS UP!

    I just got my Credit Card Statement for end of September and low-n-behold there's a TiVo Monthly charge (which I'd expected) as I'm now done with my 1-yr prepaid on the S2 which I'd transferred Lifetime from to apply it on the S3. What alarmed me was it was for full price $13/mo.

    I say all that to bring it up that you will have to call TiVo and ASK for the Multi-Service Discount. It's not TiVo's policy to automatically apply that to 1-yr prepay plans which convert to "monthly".

    Instead they usually only apply that when you activate "new" services and you already have a Prepaid, Monthly, or Lifetime system.

    So, you can either cancel at the end of your 1-yr prepay, then call back and activate the TiVo on Monthly Multi-Serivce Discount, or you can call Tivo up... wait your 30 minutes on hold, talk to a lvl 1 person, ask for a manager, then ask them to apply the MSD to your second/third/fourth TiVo rather than paying full price.

    Looks like this has been discussed here already. Sorry, I looked but didn't find it until too late :)

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