S3 HD TiVo in Toronto Canada (Bug?)

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    Hi I have 5 TiVo’s and Love them all. I run my TiVo’s here in Toronto Canada without any problems what so ever. I recently went over to Buffalo NY and purchased a new S3 HD TiVo. I called in and activated my TiVo Service on 3 year commitment. All my other TiVo’s have lifetime service which I purchased long before TiVo stopped offering it. My problem is that TiVo does not give me the channel data info for OTA HD channels along with my cable providers channel line-up (ROGERS). I can however manually record all OTA channels which I don’t like to do as it strips the smarts out of TiVo. If I select OTA antenna only along with an American zip code like 14301 I get the correct OTA info for all channels. Doing so eliminates Rogers guide data as my HD TiVo thinks I am in Buffalo which obviously does not have Rogers as a cable provider. I am hoping that TiVo corrects this minor bug.

    # Station
    2-1 NBC HD (WGRZ)

    2-2 WGRZ radar-weather
    4-1 CBS HD (WIVB)

    4-2 WIVB radar-weather
    4-3 The CW SD (WNLO)

    5-1 CBC HD (CBLT)

    7-1 ABC HD (WKBW)

    7-2 RTN SD (retro tv network)

    9-1 CTV HD (CFTO)

    23-1 The CW HD (WNLO)

    23-2 WIVB radar-weather
    23-3 The CW SD (WNLO)

    25-1 CRC (CBC French)

    29-1 FOX HD (WUTV)

    29-2 FOX SD (WUTV)

    43-1 PBS HD (WNED HD)

    43-2 PBS SD (WNED)

    43-3 PBS SD (Think Bright)

    44-1 Omni 2 HD (CJMT)

    57-1 CITY TV HD <<<<< No Data on 57-1

    64-1 Omni 1 HD (CFMT)

    66-1 SUN TV HD

    I receive all these channels crystal clear with all correct data only if I chose a USA zip like 14301. Doing so limits my ability to use OTA along with my Rogers cable Line-up.

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