S2DT only TiVo with dual tuning capability?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Grinderhand, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Grinderhand

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    Apr 19, 2005


    Forgive this (probably) obvious question, but I've been out of touch with with TiVo technology for a few years. We have a S2DT and from what I have been reading, many cable companies are going the SDV route, which will restrict my current unit to a single tuner, although Bright House in Michigan has yet to announce they are going that route ... yet.

    My question is this: is there another TiVo unit that has dual tuner capability using Cablecards that will accomplish the same function that I should be seeking out, or will dual tuner units be obsolete with the eventual switch to SDV?

    Thanks for any answer.
  2. NotVeryWitty

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    Oct 3, 2003
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    The S2DT is a dual *analog* tuner. SDV stands for Switched *Digital* Video.

    If and when your cable provider starts using SDV, it won't have any (direct) impact on your usage of your S2DT.

    My cable provider, Charter, implemented SDV about a year ago on its digital channels. Since my S2DT's can only tune analog channels (channels 2 to 99 in my case), it made no difference to me.

    If I had a Tivo with digital tuners, such as the TivoHD or the new Tivo Premiere, I would need to get what's called a Tuning Adapter from the cable company. That hooks up to the USB port of those Tivos, and allows them to tune the switched digital video channels. AFAIK, people with tuning adapters can still use the dual channel capabilities of their Tivos.

    What may affect you in the future is if your cable company removes the analog channels, and goes mostly or all digital. In that case, the only way to continue using your S2DT will be to have it control a digital settop box, and in that case your S2DT will become a single tuner box.

    For more info on SDV and how it affects Tivos, see the SDV FAQ in the Series3 HD forum. (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=357703)
  3. Karl Childers

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    Sep 29, 2009
    The Series 3, HD, HD XL, Premiere, and Premiere XL all are dual-tuner TiVos.
  4. Grinderhand

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    Apr 19, 2005
    Thanks Karl, that was the answer I was looking for.

    @NotVeryWitty - I was aware of the limitations of the S2DT, hence my inquiry. I'm just hesitant to step up to any of the S3+ models due to their adherence to DMC flags and all the Cablecard setup horrors I've been reading about (grey channels, suddenly becoming unpaired etc.) so I think I will ride it out with the box I have for the time being until such time as it becomes unusable. Thanks again.
  5. dianebrat

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    Jul 6, 2002


    The reports of horror stories for the newer models and CableCARDS are very overblown, many of us have had units since the release of the S3 in 2006 and never had any of the supposed "wide spread issues"


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