S2 Tivo can't transfer files from new cloned HD in XP Laptop

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    I cloned my old HD in an XP laptop to new larger HD. Everything worked fine until I tried to transfer new videos (podcasts from iTunes) from XP laptop to S2 Tivo. The S2 can see the files, and allows me to start the transfer, but I receive the 'Can't Transfer' error message, and to go to View Recording History to see which and why. I'm using 2.8.2, and it had been working fine with the old hard drive. I have de-installed 2.8.2 completely, used Desktop Cleaner, re-installed 2.8.2 with MAK, Plus key, and account info. I have hard re-booted cable modem, router, Tivo and laptop. Same error. Any ideas?

    I can transfer shows to PC from Tivo, but not the other way around.

    Thanks, Curtis
  2. unitron

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    When you say you cloned your laptop's hard drive to a larger hard drive, how exactly did you go about that connecting what hardware to what hardware and using what software to do exactly what?

    Have you tried putting the old hard drive back in and seeing if it still works coming off of it?

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