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Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by m_mcgover, Mar 28, 2011.

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    I have an 5-6? year old S2 (model TCD240040) that has been running about a year since the last drive upgrade I performed. It started acting funny / freezing, then would not get past the gray screen wait message. I took it apart and measured the voltage on the unused drive connector. Both the 5v and 12v supplies measured low. Which brings me to my two questions.

    1) Is the weeknees power supply compatibility chart accurate? Or, are there other Tivo model supplies that are compatible? In my online searches, I seem to recall one or two posts indicating that the Tivo TCD5400XX supplies may also be used?

    2) If I pick up a slighly newer Tivo model on craigslist (say a dual tuner S2), will I be able to transfer my lifetime service by swapping in my current model S2's drives? Or do I need to pay $$ to Tivo to do that?

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    Lifetime cannot be transferred, ask Tivo, but I doubt they do that any more.
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    Moving hard drives from an older S2 to a newer S2 won't transfer lifetime (that's tied to the motherboard, or more accurately, Tivo's record of the serial number/service number of the machine that motherboard left the factory in, so a different motherboard calling home to Tivo for guide date won't be recognized as a lifetimed machine no matter what's on the hard drive), won't let you watch the stuff you've already recorded (tied directly to the motherboard, regardless of subscription status or lack thereof), and I'm not certain the software will be exactly the same enough for it to even work, although I could be wrong about that.

    Ther was a recent post around here somewhere about 240/540 power supplies being electrically compatible, but not fitting safely in each other's physical space.
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    The 240 and 540 power supplies are drop in compatible, at least for single drive.
    The connectors and mount points are identical.

    You can move Lifetime directly only through TiVo support (if they allow it), or by moving the crypto chip to the same model TiVo board (fine desoldering and soldering required).

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