S2 DT w/ TW digital cable getting poor signal on basic channels

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by enkeli, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. enkeli

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    Dec 20, 2006


    Hi all,

    I am using a Series 2 DT TiVo with an HD Digital Cable box from Time Warner (Los Angeles). I've noticed that some of the basic channels that converted to digital on Feb 17 (namely KCBS and KNBC) are getting poor reception via cable (noisy static, digital snow - where you have visible lines in the broadcast).

    I have a feeling this is a TW issue - that perhaps their signals for those converted channels are wrong somehow - but wanted to check in with the experts here to make sure I wasn't missing something, especially since I'm sure the TW help desk will be quick to blame my precious TiVo!

    I have the cable line split between the cable box and the TiVo with shielded coax cables. I have not tested the unsplit signal with just the digital box yet as I wanted to see if anyone else was seeing this issue before I start messing with cables. But I have viewed the HD versions of these channels and do not receive any interference.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    ps. Still having this issue as of 4/15/2009. Please advise!
  2. mopie992

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Im having a similar issue. Series 2 DualTuner
    Up in Canada using Rogers digital set top, cable is split as required for proper set up.
    I have tried all the methods of connecting the Tivo, rca, svid, coax, and they all dispaly the basic cable channels snowy and choppy.
    But if I remove the Tivo from the equation they are displayed fine.

    Is the hardware starting to go?

    The static is also visible on recorded shows.

  3. brucedl

    brucedl Member

    Jun 19, 2001
    I have the same issue in NYC with the "cable" channels. And something else. I had previously been recording into the Tivo (Series 2 dual tuner) from the HD channels. Now when the channel changes to one where Time Warner offers "enhanced TV" a banner pops up and says enhanced TV is not available. Since I'm simply trying to record the channel, the banner never goes away-waiting for me to press the A on the remote. My workaround is to record the "box" channels, so the picture isn't as clear but at least it works.

    I called Time Warner about this and the rep said I "compromised" the box by using a Tivo with it. Actually, I think Time Warner is simply trying to force me to use thir DVR...not going to happen.

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