S2 DT screen hang on delete message of lineup change

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by herrlich, Jan 25, 2009.

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    I've done a search on both the official TiVo web site and the FAQ's and forums here. This also doesn't seem like a hardware issue because it only happens during a specific function. I have rebooted... well I have to reboot after each time it happens so that doesn't clear it.

    When watching a program I'll see the new message icon, I'll go down and click on it and see I have a lineup change, I go through to select channels I recieve and usually I'm unselecting the channel because it is part of some cable package I don't have. Then when I'm done it returns me to reading the message and the message part of the display is blank but the screen is still responsive. I then click on "Delete message" and the display locks up. No keys on the remote will cause the TiVo display to do anything. It appears that recording will continue and complete, I generally wait until the red recording light goes off and then power cycle my TiVo to unfreeze it. I'm not a new TiVo user so I don't think this is any type of dumb user mistake, of course, dumb users never think that. :)

    My TiVo is hung right now and same think happened a few days ago... I think I also remember it happening a couple times more in the last few months so it doesn't seem to be getting better, or worse, on its own.

    Any suggestions about how to fix this or report this issue to TiVo?
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