Run kickstart on a DIFFERENT tivo's drive (same model)?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by mattack, Jan 6, 2012.

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    I know that a Tivo hard drive is 'attached' to that Tivo, and if you reboot it even into the same model Tivo, it will reboot successfully (I think), but won't actually let you play any recordings.

    But can I let a second Tivo try to do a repair on another Tivo's drive?

    I have a Tivo HD drive that has been flaky for a long time -- I thought it was the actual Tivo's hardware, since it was flaky before upgrading, and upgrading to a new hard drive, it just got even more flaky until now it reboots constantly.. so presumably a filesystem thing, since I put the ORIG Tivo HD drive in and it's been working well.. (I think it's rebooted ONCE in a few weeks.)

    But I'd like to recover the shows off of that Tivo HD drive.. I DID buy some other used Tivo HDs back when I *thought* it was a hardware problem.

    Can I let kickstart on Tivo #2 "fix" Tivo #1's hard drive, and then move it back to Tivo #1 to hopefully see if I can then use it successfully? Or will Tivo #2 end up completely hosing the files because it can't actually play them?

    Basically, I want to keep using my Tivo while it works and not let the kickstart go for tons of time (one time I simply tried the verification step, and it went WAY longer than it estimated, and never finished).

    Oops, I meant for this to be in the Series 3 forum. I thought I could delete my own thread but now I don't see how to do it. If it can be moved, great.

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