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    I have one of these that got packed away after a very brief power outage and would fail to boot. Now I have taken it out and would like some advice and/or direction to repair. I have done some reading on the unit and undertand that they have had some hard drive and power supply issues. Mine will start to power up but after about a minute goes to blue/gray screen. It had a dvd stuck in it when it went down so I pulled off the front and hit the eject button and it spit the dvd out, still does same thing however. The lites on front stay lit, the fan runs, the heatsinks get warm but, no other noises. I have seen upgardes for hard drive and a repalcement power supply but don't know how it will work and if readally available. Could someone help me with a diagnose and the best palce to get the necessary parts?
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    Unless the box has full lifetime, instead of basic lifetime, I would say it is probably not worth working on. U can get another one on ebay for $40 bucks or less. There is not much demand for basic lifetime as it won't network and U lose about all the other neat features of Tivo.

    It sounds like a mother board problem, so getting parts and wiring diagrams might be impossible.

    But if it has lifetime, U could get parts off of a same exact box without full lifetime to repair it. But only if U are very good at soldering and can troubleshoot without wiring diagrams.

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