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    Has anyone tried Roxio Copy and Conver 3 for their TiVo files? The Roxio site says it will work with TiVo files but it also said that about MyDVD 8 and that is a painfully long process.

    Does anyone know if MyDVD 6.2 - the 'officially" recommend TiVo software is any faster than MyDVD8?
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    Mar 19, 2007
    Just within the past 72hrs. I've gone thru the same excruciating process of slow Tivo transfers to PC, then the excruciatingly slow process of Tivo file conversion/burning using Tivos' recommended use of either "My DVD" or "Easy Media Creator" (v8 + contains "My DVD"). Tech support is a joke. Learning curve is long.

    Thanks to help I've received here, I was introduced to (2) products for file conversion which work lightning quick. Each has it's own advantages along with having very easy to understand interfaces. You will still need another application to burn. I personally have both "Nero 7" and "Easy Media Creator 8" and found Nero's "NeroVision 4" to be much faster than EMC.

    One is "DirectShow Dump". Capable of doing multiple file conversions in a batch and it's free. The other is "VideoReDo" (my favorite) which can automatically cut-out commercials or edit by either adding/removing scenes. It comes with a free 30 day trial (if your register) and is $50 to buy. IMHO, well worth it.

    Hope this helps.

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