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    Even though it's on NBC, The Firm scored a 1.4 in it's debut on Sunday (The worst debut in NBC history) and a 1.0 the other night.
    It's toast.
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    Jan 6, 2003
    Just watched this. Mixed feelings.

    There were parts that were actually funny. But too many parts that were stupid. The ethnic jokes were mixed; some funny, but some just had too much of a "Mexican joke from 30 years ago" feel to them.

    * Rob Schneider is terrible. I know he created this, but they should have cast someone else for his character. I think if this show dies, it will be because of him.

    * Too many plot points just too unrealistic. For example, she's a young, family oriented Hispanic. So she gets married to a twice as old white guy she's known for six weeks without telling her mama.:confused: Not a chance on earth. It makes it hard to stick with a pilot episode when they throw crap like that at us.

    * Not only is RS not a good actor, he doesn't even make sense for her. If she's gonna fall for a white guy, he'll either be good-looking or rich (or both).

    * Cheech is still funny.

    Having said all that, there were moments and the SP survives.
  3. phox_mulder

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    Get rid of Rob Schneider and the mooching uncle and it might be watchable.

  4. sieglinde

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    Remember how Mike and Molly started with way too many fat jokes? Now just has one or two per episode and mainly focuses on the funny families etc. I am giving this a chance to make the Hispanic culture more of a situational humor rather than racist jokes.

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