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    Hello, I have Roamio Pro with Lifetime. I decided to cancel my Comcast to use it with an Antenna. After canceling, I found out that it will not work with an Antenna.

    Is there a conversion I can do, in order to keep using it with an Antenna?
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    No, the tuners on a Pro are cable only. You could sell it and put that money towards a "basic" Roamio or a Roamio OTA. Both models have 4 tuners, and the only difference between them is that the basic can be used for antenna or cable, and the OTA is antenna only.
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    WeaKnees may want to buy the Pro, and can sell you an OTA version that's been upgraded with lots of storage and under warranty.

    You may be able to come out a bit farther ahead selling and buying on eBay, if you have the patience for that. Whenever you sell a TiVo used, you have to call TiVo with the buyer's info to get it off your account; otherwise the buyer can't activate it on their account. And when buying a used TiVo, make sure the seller will do the same for you. Sometimes that's not done and you wind up with a paperweight. Another reason why people go with Weaknees to ensure that's all done right.

    Another option after you sell the Pro would be to leave TiVo behind entirely, and go with Channels DVR and an HD HomeRun Connect tuner. I'm running that in parallel with an aging TiVo setup right now, and we love it. There are other options too, like Tablo. See the photo and info I posted here, which is a good thread to read through for more ideas: TiVo Alternatives | Post #814
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