Roamio Pro stops recording during scheduled recordings

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by wsubball96, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. wsubball96

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    Yesterday my Roamio Pro stopped recording the programs I had scheduled at that time. I noticed the red light go off and I started the recording again. It recorded a few minutes then it stopped again. I restarted the box and experienced the same symptom. I then ran through the Network Communication as I had received a message on one of my Mini's yesterday morning that that Tivo had a communication issue but they were working on the issue. This made it sound like they were having a server problem on their end. That message did go away later. The manually initiated connection to Tivo was successful and I started the recording again. It ran for an hour or so then quit again. If I go to recording history it does not tell me why the recording stopped.

    Tivo Support suggested I go to defaults then reset the programs and todo list menu option. Then complete communication again to re-download the guide etc..

    I did that and I my to-do list repopulated recordings for this evening. I will find out tonight if my scheduled recordings complete as shown in the to-do list.

    My thought though is possibly the hard drive is going bad. It's at 59% usage and my theory is once it hits a certain spot on the drive it quits recording.

    Tivo support did mention if this did not fix it they would send me a replacement Roamio Pro and said they would tell me how to transfer the recordings but the passes I believe would have to setup again and obviously a lot of programs are seasonal, setup with my network and other tivo devices might be an issue if the device itself is replaced. I have had a bolt replaced over a year ago and the replaced unit still shows up on the tivo APP and minis even though it doesn't exist.

    Has anyone ever experienced this scenario before? Is Tivo support's suggestion a possible solution? Ideally if I have to replace the hard drive, I would like to clone it as I have over 120 Passes and obviously a lot of recordings and not replace the Tivo.

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    Have you checked the signal strength? If it is too weak or too strong, recordings can stop.

    Save your season passes using KMTTG.
  3. jrtroo

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    Feb 4, 2008
    What did history say exactly?

    Hard drive is always full since it is recording the buffer at all times.
  4. wsubball96

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    Mar 20, 2008
    History said User Deleted. Which is not correct. It literally just stopped recording multiple times. It has not happened since as I have kept the % full around 50% and avoiding what the magic number was that day 59%. I'm tempted to let it climb and see if that is case. Support assures me I can transfer my recordings and all configured onepass to a new box. I not confident that what they are telling me is true.
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    Maybe they are saying they will send you a replacement, you use for transfers (that are not copy protected), then send the "old" box to them. Do you have another TiVo now? If so, and you have room, you can transfer to that one.
    You can also use kmttg to save your one passes and any recordings (that are not copy protected) to your PC.
    Do you have any new recordings that freeze at times? Even if you don't the fact that you can't go past 59%, likely indicates a failing HDD. You could find that if you go to 59% again, it might delete existing recordings even if KUID. You certainly do not want to keep using you current HDD anyway.

    I would use kmttg to save your one passes and most important recordings as a backup.

    Then replace the HDD. I would use a 3.5" WD Red 4TB (not Pro) or higher (up to 10TB).
    Use Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows and run the "Quick" test, and if pass, the "Extended" test. Return the HDD for replacement if it fails. Do not run these tests on your current HDD. You know it's bad and any "fix" could make things worse.

    Then use MFS Tools to transfer from your old HDD to the new HDD. Do the KS58 just in case. If you stop having problems, then you may be O.K. Otherwise, it'll be doing a freshly formatted drive, in which you'll lose any recordings you couldn't transfer. Then going another route to expand depending on the new HDD capacity and the decision of TE3 or TE4.

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