Roamio Pro from WiFi to Ethernet – Channel Losses -- Interesting Problem

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    Hello All

    I connected my Roamio Pro to CAT 5 Ethernet, after running it on WiFi for many years.

    The Roamio Pro is a TCD840300, date of manufacture 27 Oct. 2014 and purchase date 18 Aug. 2015. The Ethernet port on the Roamio is rated 10/100/1000 Mbps and its WiFi port is 802.3 a/b/g/n 600 Mbps. I wanted to make this change because of improved speed and stability (very occasionally the wireless connection glitches).

    The Roamio’s internet connection is through a Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream™ AC5400 MU-MIMO WiFi router (Version 2.0 that works reliably) either through wireless 802.3n or by CAT 5 cable through one of its gigabit ethernet ports. The Linksys internet connection is through one of the Gigabit ports on the COMCAST xFi Advanced Gateway P/N CGM4140COM.

    When the Roamio is connected by 802.3n wireless, all channels in the lineup are received.

    When the Roamio is connected by CAT5 cable, at least two channels are missing from the lineup.

    Missing channels include mainline sources such as CNN and LC Shopping.

    When connected by CAT 5 cable, if I tune to CNN and run the signal strength diagnostic, no signal strength is registered.

    If I tune to CNN and switch from wireless to CAT5 cable midstream, the CNN picture starts pixelating and, in a few seconds, displays macroblocking (large portions of the picture are shown as squares containing illegible content). This indicates signal loss.

    I have been through the obvious steps such as Tivo restart, network tests, etc.

    My hypothesis is this is due to EMI created by introduction of the active CAT 5 cable connection.

    My plans are:

    1. Install ferrite filters on both ends of the CAT 5 cable and retest.

    2. Swap to a different CAT 5 cable (perhaps better shielded) and retest.

    3. (Possibly) run through the diagnostic procedure provided here:

    Tivo Customer Support Community

    Any constructive comments, ideas, lessons-learned, etc. will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Each tuner has an entry in the Diagnostics. I would watch the Signal % when having the problem. Something about 80% or higher would be good, but never 100%. This is a sample:
    Note that the tuner, channel and other data. There is one entry for each of your tuners, and they are dynamic meaning they update in real time. This may help you find the problem. Also, on your box RS Corrected works, and should be zero. That's your error counter. If you want to get all tuners on one channel, just tune to that channel and do a restart. All tuners should be the same when the restart is finished.
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    Channel reception has no bearing on the network connection.
  4. brobin

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    As ThAbto said above. CAT5, 5e and most 6 ethernet cables aren't shielded to begin with so it's not a shielding issue (6e & 7 are but you don't need them). The Ethernet and WiFi connections are for communicating with the mothership for programming data and updates, streaming services and supporting Mini's. Make sure the connectors on your coax cable are secure and that the Cablecard is seated firmly. You might want to try a new coax between the wall and the Tivo using RG6 Quad Shield and inspect any other connections or splitters between the outlet and the entrance cable. Connections, particularly on the exterior of the house are subject to deterioration.

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