Roamio OTA Vs. Premier OTA and PyTivo / PlayOn

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    I am a past Tivo subscriber with a 2 tuner Premier OTA and a Series 3 HD Tivo. It has been about 3 years since they were active. To reactivate the Premiere would require a 1 yr contract @$14.99 / mo.

    Now that I can buy a Roamio OTA with 4 tuners for $49.99 and a 1 year commitment @ $14.99 / mo., is there any argument to be made to activate the Premiere, outside of the $49.99 savings up-front? (I am also aware of the higher up-front charge of $99.99 / $149.99 for the Roamio equipment to gain the lower monthly fee(s) of $9.99 / $6.95, respectively.)

    I also have PlayOn / PlayLater HD installed on my laptop. In the past I have used PyTivo with my existing Tivo's to record on-demand content through PlayOn on the Tivo. Is this still possible with the new Roamio?

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    Go with the Roamio... It has better OTA tuners, has 4 tuners instead of 2, and it can be paired with a Mini(s) if you want to watch in other rooms. The only advantage of a 2 tuner Premier is that it can also be used to record cable, where a Roamio OTA is OTA only.

    If you think you might want cable support at some point you can get a refurb Roamio Basic, which is essentially the same as the OTA but with a CableCARD slot too, for the same $50 right now...

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