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    I'm getting ready to cut the cord from my cable company who has TiVo which I was using with 2 Mini's. They set me up with a MoCa connection. I have ethernet running to me living room which is where my Roamio OTA will be located, I do not have ethernet run to my bedroom which is were my mini will be located.

    My question is do I need a MoCa setup if I can have the Roamio connected via ethernet?

    Also I bought the TiVo bridge for my MoCa set up if that compatible with the Roamio OTA?

    I might try to run a new ethernet line to our bedroom so I don't have to have a MoCa setup since the bridge was kind of expensive, but I'm not sure if I will be able to snake the cable into the basement.
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    Feb 19, 2015
    If you are planning to use MoCA for any minis, you need to use a MoCA adapter to establish your MoCA network. That is, you use the MoCA adapter to connect to the same common coax as the minis are using and then run the Ethernet from it to either your router or a switch.
    If you can find a used Actiontec or off brand MoCA adapter which is rated at MoCA 1.1 you can use that instead of the "MoCA bridge" you bought.
    The trickier part of an OTA setup is keeping the Internet coax separated from the common coax used by the Tivo and or minis. Depending on your coax wiring, you are likely to need one or more MoCA filters and/or possibly a diplexer or two.
    If you can get Ethernet to all of your Tivos, it would be good. Some folks have had good luck running some of that new flat Ethernet, not coax, under their carpets, if you have carpets.
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    Yes, the TiVo Bridge (standard MoCA 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet) is compatible with both the Roamio OTA (Fast Ethernet only) and the TiVo Mini (Fast Ethernet or MoCA 1.1); however, as you might notice from the parenthesized specs, the TiVo Bridge is a bit overkill if ALL you're looking to do is enable a MoCA network for TiVo communication. If you're looking to leverage your coax lines for more than just TiVo MoCA connectivity, then the TiVo Bridge, a rebranded Actiontec ECB6000, leaves a bit of room for improvement... in the form of the Actiontec ECB6200 (or an equivalent bonded/extended MoCA 2.0 device).

    As fcfc2 said, if you're OK with used you can find some "just right" adapters at a better value off eBay (e.g. Actiontec ECB2500C); the cheapest alternative I've found, albeit a bit more ungainly and requiring a bit of trivial DIY setup, is the Verizon MI424-WR Rev.I router, down-configured to only function as a MoCA adapter (though with a built-in Gigabit switch, which can be valuable).

    Here's a list of currently available MoCA adapters of which I'm aware. Plus some add'l MoCA-related parts.
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    You don't need MoCA for the Roamio, since the Roamio will be connected via Ethernet.

    But again as fcfc2 said, you need MoCA owing to the Mini being located where it doesn't have access to Ethernet -- but presumably *does* have access to your coax plant. So, yeah, if you can connect all your TiVo devices via Ethernet, MoCA is unnecessary.

    However, as for your coax lines, in the event you do need MoCA, adding to fcfc2's comment...
    ... I'd emphasize that the critical consideration is isolating your cable TV/Internet signals from your OTA antenna signals. MoCA can co-exist with either OTA antenna signals or cable TV/Internet signals, but OTA & cable TV/Internet operate in the same frequency range and so cannot share coax lines.

    Should you look to do MoCA, it's really pretty simple to setup, but I'd need more detail on your setup to provide any specific recommendations. For example... how you'll be routing the antenna signal to the Roamio, where your cable modem & router are located, available coax runs to each room, etc.

    The simplest typical setup is with an in-room OTA antenna directly connected to the Roamio's coax port, and the cable modem, any MoCA-hungry Minis and a bridging MoCA adapter all connected to the existing "cable TV/Internet" coax lines, isolated from the OTA antenna coax run. And given that you already had a MoCA network active on your "cable TV/Internet" coax lines, your provider likely already installed a "PoE" MoCA filter on the cable line's point-of-entry to your home (ideally on the input to the first splitter encountered by the cable provider line). However, you'd want to verify it's in place, or get one installed, to secure and strengthen your MoCA signals.
  5. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003


    Given the context, I believe fcfc2 meant "flat Ethernet" ... SF Cable, 45 ft Premium UltraFlat CAT6 550 MHZ Flat Patch Cable Black: Computers & Accessories
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    Good point--some nice deals, Sparky. :)

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