Roamio OTA fan noisy, then quiet, why

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by antonine, Mar 27, 2018.

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    Never just "jiggle". If a connection is suspect, always at a minimum remove, inspect, and re-seat. (with a contact cleaning if possible)

    --Carlos V.
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    Dec 31, 2019
    My replacement fan became louder after a few months, then the vendor sent me a replacement that was quiet for a month, then that one too became loud.

    I am wondering if there is some amplification that occurs between the fan and the Roamio's frame? The vendor I purchased the fan from had an option to mount the fan with silicone plug-looking things--I opted to go cheap and use the original screws. When the first fan started to make noise I asked if the silicone plugs were available--due to the disruptions of Covid and his supplier (probably in a very large country in Asia) he was unable to stock any of the plugs.

    When I have the fan unmounted to the frame, but attached to the motherboard, it does not emit any significant audible sound.

    Has anyone installed their replacement fans with the silicone attachment devices? Am hoping that this would decouple the vibrations of the fan.
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    I just bought a fan from Amazon last week. It was from the Fan Van, who has the silicone mounts. I don't use them however.,aps,168&sr=1-1-791c2399-d602-4248-afbb-8a79de2d236f

    Where to get roamio basic or OTA cooling fan replacement
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    Thanks Joe--

    I will contact Fan Van and see if I can buy a set of silicone mounts from him. I have a non-dvr device that has a larger fan and is attached to the chassis with similar appearing silicone/rubber mounts and there is no excessive noise and am thinking that the noise from the Roamio is due to an inaudible vibration in the cooling fan that sets up a loud audible wave/waves that is amplified and transmitted by the chassis/case. Will see if the mounts do the trick. I tried MacGyver-ing rubber grommets on my Roamio but I don't think I decoupled the fan vibration completely.
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    It's always the cable. Interestingly, in my 40 years in the Telecom/IT biz (and beyond) I learned to always check the cable first. Frequently loose or oxidized connectors are the culprit. A lot of the cables produced today have poor strain relief and little to no gold on the contacts.
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    I may be repeating something that was already mentioned in this lengthy thread but I will throw my $0.02 in anyway.

    First of all lube or replace is a no-brainer. Replace it. It is not easily lubed and if you do it will not last. There is always a danger however slight that you can screw something up whenever you open it up. Make it worth your time and just replace it.

    Secondly, there are cheap fans out there worth every penny. If you don't mind opening it up to replace them every year go ahead. An OEM fan from should last three years in normal service. It is also available from Amazon. "Spend a little more and get something nice, you will never be disappointed" --- My dad.

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