Roamio guide showing "to be announced" on all channels in grid!

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    My Roamio (recently successfully upgraded from 3TB to 8TB using MFS Tools 3.32 to retain recordings and one pass etc.) is showing "to be announced" in the program guide; i.e guide data ran out...

    To try to fix this:
    I first tried connecting to TiVo service but it fails on the final step.
    I then (before I knew it was a known bug, with TE3 at least) tried the 'Reset to Defaults' > 'Clear Guide Data and To Do List', but it got stuck...

    Based on a post here, to get out of being stuck (soft bricked) on "Clearing Guide data & the To Do List... This may take up to an hour", I performed a kickstart 57 and that got me back to being able to view TV (recordings are also intact) in under an hour; that is the good news.
    However, the bad news is that I still have the 'to be announced' in the guide...

    How can I fix this? Any other suggestions?

    Does 'repeat guided setup' remove cable card pairing?

    The guide came back by itself (about an hour or so after kickstart 57 completed). :)
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