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    I moved into a house back in July with an outdoor antenna. It's been working perfectly with my Tivo Roamio since then, but then we had the polar vortex and now things aren't so great. At first the reception would break up constantly (I thought it might be due to the high winds) but last night I turned on the television and only a handful of stations come through: PBS and Fox being two. CBS, NBC, and WGN are in the camp that don't at all, showing me a V53 error. I'm about 9 miles from downtown Chicago so it's weird Fox and PBS come through fine but NBC and CBS don't.

    This is my first outdoor antenna and I don't know what brand it is and I don't have easy access to it on a good day let alone a day where the ground and roof are covered in a foot of snow. So I guess my question is, is it possible the snow/cold/wind affected the antenna and I need a new one, or is there something I can do to try and fix it? I did try bypassing the Tivo and plugged the coax directly into the TV and that didn't help.

    Is there a possibility something happened server side? Last night the Tivo did lock up and required a hard reset (unplugging it and plugging it back in).

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    V53 means no signal. Quite possible the stations just went off the air from damage to the transmitters - it happens (especially out here in the boondocks where I live!).

    There are other things that can cause this, even Bad_Rovi screwing up your channel lineup. That happens too. The first test should always be to connect your antenna directly to the TV and do a channel scan. If there is a signal, the TV will show it. Period. If the TV can't see it, neither will the TiVo. But if you DO get a channel on the TV that the TiVo does not show, then try a new channel scan on the TiVo to see if it clears up the problem. If not, post back and we will help you troubleshoot the TiVo lineup.

    And yes, it is possible that something damaged either your antenna or your coax that is causing the problem, but that is less likely (and can almost always be easily fixed when you find it). Generally that type of damage would Kill ALL channels, not just some. An easy test would be to use any cheap indoor antenna connected directly to your TV and see if it receives any of your "missing" channels. If it does, then the problem is with your outside antenna or coax; if it does not, then just wait for the station to fix their problem.
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