Roamio died...getting a used Roamio Pro...want to upgrade hard drive

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    I'd tell...


    So my Roamio (which had a 3TB drive...drop-in replacement) finally gave up the ghost. I am buying a used Roamio Pro from eBay, but I want to replace the hard drive with a 6tb or an 8tb drive. I've spent several hours searching all over the forum but have not found a straightforward guide that explains the process. I know that with anything over 3tb, it's not a drop-in replacement, that some work has to be done on the drive using MFS tools (?). I'm not interested in preserving recordings from old Roamio.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction here before I drop $$$ on a new drive? Thanks in advance.
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    I would guess you are sure your old Roamio is not salvagable?

    Basically for 3TB, Roamio will format itself upon first insertion. Larger than that, let it format it upon first insertion, connect to to PC, run MFSR and let it adjust the tables and partitions, then stick it back in the TiVo. MFS tools would be if you are copying from and old drive to a new drive, but if you are switching units from Roamio to Roamio Pro (even to a different Roamio) it would be useful because you wouldn't be able to access your old shows (so might as well just start with fresh reformat)

    Most issues have to do with older PCs not being able to recognize the larger driver properly due to 32-bit disk limitations and since MFSR depends on OS functions, those limitations carry over. If you have a newer PC it should be no problem. Same goes for those USB adapters, sometimes older ones can't recognize larger drives properly.

    I would recommend WD Red 5400 rpm, but most drives will work. People have theories and opinions about which drives work best in TiVo environment which is too much to discuss.
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    Which Roamio? Lifetime? If a Basic or OTA, the P/S is a wallwart. Have you measured its output? Do you have another (2A or greater) to swap in? (CAUTION: Watch polarity!)

    If the P/S is OK, the next likely suspect is the HDD. Is it spinning up? Pull it and run WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics on it with a PC. Start with READ ONLY.
    Lifetime? My advice is don't think of the TiVo unit as a storage device. Determine how many shows that you would be comfortable losing in one fell swoop and go with that. Personally I've gone with multiple lifetime TiVo units w/ 3TB WD Red HDDs.
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