Roamio Basic - 2 MoCa's Stopped Working - No Lights

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    I have a TiVo Basic with 2 Actiontec ECB200's MoCa adapters, one at the cable modem end and one at the TiVo, going to a tp-link 8-port switch, which fed Tivo, TV, Blu-Ray, Xbox and AV Receiver. It all worked just fine (2 green lights on) for a year. But this part week, no green lights, and no network. At the TiVo end, I removed the MoCa from the loop, went wireless with each box and it's running again without the MoCa. How do I test the MoCa adapters? Did one or both just fail? I searched for failed adapters, but didn't find process/procedure. TIA, Curtis
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    This is Actiontec's recommended troubleshooting:

    Test 1

    - Take both adapters, connect an ethernet cable into both adapter's ethernet ports.
    - Take a coax cable and connect it to both coax ports (RF-in to RF-in).
    - Connect both adapters power supplies.

    You should get all 3 lights on the moca adapters. If you do, then do the next test.

    Test 2

    - Connect ethernet cable from modem/router to the first moca adapter.
    - Run a short coax cable between the coax ports on both adapters (RF-in to RF-in)
    - Then connect another ethernet cable from the second adapter to a computer/laptop.

    Power up the adapters and the computer should have internet access.

    If everything's still working, then a degrading splitter on the line is a likely culprit, or the line itself.
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