Roamio and Mini Vox boot, show booting screen, then HDMI drops

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by mvalpreda, Mar 11, 2021.

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    I have a very strange issue going on. I have 2x Roamio Pros, 4x Mini Voxs, and 1x RF Tivo Mini. Out of the blue both Roamios and 2x Mini Voxs will not display anything. I see the LED flashing with remote presses, but nothing on the screen. One of the Roamios when it would not have any display would turn on the receiver and switch inputs on my receiver - so something was certainly working. The rest are directly connected to the TV.

    If I reboot, I see the booting/loading screen, but then after Starting up drops off and goes to just the grey arrow looking background, the HDMI output goes totally dead. If I press the info button on the TV, it will show there is something outputting 1080P on the Roamio, and 4K on the Mini Voxs. The LEDs will blink with remote presses.

    On the RF Mini and other Mini Vox that works, I can see recordings on both Roamios and watch live TV. This is a mix of wired and MoCA. Some that are MoCA are fine, and some are not. Some that are directly wired are working, and some are not. I cannot find a common thread.

    Crazy is that one of the Roamios that was not working a few days ago is working tonight. It has not been rebooted, just checked since it is one that doesn't get used much.

    I have rebooted the entire network, router, and cable modem. No difference.
    Thumbs down, thumbs up, Play, Play gives me a TiVo menu sound, but no output.
    Boot with the network disconnected, still no video.
    Take a working Mini out, put in a troublemaker, no video.
    I have a lot on my network, but not out of IPs and it's a flat network for the TiVos.

    One I could understand is bad, maybe even two.....but 4? No way. There's either something on my local network causing issues - but I would expect all to have issues, or something else. Sort of driving me nuts.

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