Roamio 1tb and streaming?

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    What can you tell me about how the Roamio 1TB OTA does on streaming Netflix and Amazon. I am currently using a Roku 3 and I have 100 down. My streaming experience is flawless now, fast forwarding and rewinding is NEVER fun with streaming but my straight playing of movies is flawless. I am wondering if I got the Roamio would I need also keep my Roku or would the Roamio act pretty much the same as the Roku??? What is your streaming experience with it?
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    As for Amazon, I have a better picture and audio with my Roamio since my Roku doesn't support 24fps or DD+. I don't have Netflix. I do use it with YouTube weekly and have no problems. I use my Roku 3 daily for Pandora. You don't need much speed for streaming.
    Mini slight hiccups watching video using Powerline.

    I'm not giving up my Roku 3, but the TiVo is better for Amazon movies.
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    I use my OTA for Netflix and it works great. The only thing thats not as nice as actual recordings are trick play but it sounds like basically all streaming is like this, I very rarely have any issues just playing and when I do it's a 99% chance of being my internet/connection to the internet and not the Roamio.

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