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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by c-surfer, Nov 3, 2007.

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    How much is Rhapsody to Go plus Tivo service?

    Is it 2x as much? Is there a discount for having 2 devices?

    How much is just Rhapsody for Tivo service?
  2. heidismiles

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    Aug 12, 2007
    Rhapsody is 12.99 per month, and Rhapsody To Go is 14.99. There is no extra charge to access the library on your TiVo :) And I'm pretty sure you can access it on all your TiVos (or maybe, up to 5 devices including computer.)

    I have some questions about Rhapsody for TiVo, that I hope some folks can answer. I just started using it, and it seems a little awkward for me. Do you guys know any cool shortcuts that I may not have discovered?
    For example, when I am playing tracks, I can hit Info to "Show Play Queue." This shows a list of the songs played/about to be played. If I leave it alone for a moment, it gives me a "Now Playing" display of the current song (album art/info, and star rating.) My question is, can I get that "Now Playing" display without having to wait? If I hit Enter on the track, it gives me something similar, but not the same.
    Also, on the intro video, it says you can "press record" to add things to your library. This doesn't seem to work for me. Are there specific spots where this works? Does it give a sound effect or other indicator to tell you it worked?
  3. sstatman

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    Oct 10, 2007
    You can have up to three streams simultaneously (not including your PC, so that could be a fourth). Devices that can stream to multiple zones simultaneously typically can treat all of those zones as one stream, as long as they're playing the same music.

    In addition, with Rhapsody-To-Go, you can download to (I believe) 5 portable devices.

    Currently, you just have to wait. You don't need to go to the play queue, though. After a few minutes (90 seconds, maybe?) of no user input, you'll go into the Now Playing screen. I'd love for a way to call that up automatically myself ...

    It should work ... where are you trying to use it? I don't think a sound effect happens, just because that would interrupt the music ...
  4. Yarrokon

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    If I have only used Rhapsody via Tivo, I shouldn't have to setup a seperate account for my computer correct? It would also be nice to be able to build playlists, etc via tivo or Rhaposdy and them have them pulled to Tivo like program scheduling.
  5. sstatman

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    Oct 10, 2007


    If you subscribe to Rhapsody (eg; get a paid Rhapsody subscription, not just a free Tivo trial), that subscription is usable across every Rhapsody client. The web clients, the PC client, your Tivo, the new Haier portable, etc.

    So that means that any change you make on any client will be reflected immediately (or, in the case of the PC client, almost immediately) in all of the other clients. Create playlists, manage your library, and rate artists/albums/tracks and that'll show up everywhere.

    One of the goals of our service is "All Your Music Everywhere".

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