Retired Series 1 - what to do with it

Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by Alphi, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Recently (6 months ago) I semi-retired my old reliable Series 1 Philips TiVo (upgraded to 200 hour, with lifetime). To replace it, I bought two Series2 TiVos (one Humax DVD, one the 180 DT model Series2), which are networked (wireless).

    Now I've finally hooked the Series 1 up to a TV again. And while I figure it could work as an "extra" place to record things (such as the extremely rare occurrence when the dual-tuner Tivo is recording two things, and the Humax is recording one, and there's one more thing I want to record), but that sounds a little silly to me.

    But I don't want to part with it (still have some things on it to watch), so selling it isn't an option.

    What should I do with it? I've considered hacking it and putting a NIC card in, so it can "phone home" without actually using the phone. But if I do that, will I get any other benefits other than that?

    I know (okay, suspect) that I won't be able to transfer shows between the Series 1 and my Series 2s.

    Long story short: should I hack it to add network capability, and if so, what new functionality will I get for my troubles?

    Not only that, but what else should/could I do with it?
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    it IS possible to transfer shows between an S1 tivo and S2s, but they both need to be hacked (it also falls under the category of extraction, so can't be discussed here... check DDB)
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    The only real value to a NIC in an S1 is extraction, with elimination of the phone call a secondary value, as well as making most other networking features easier.

    For just the call home, you could look into Serial PPP, which is cheaper than the NIC.

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