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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by nomnom, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Apr 6, 2011


    I received my Tivo Premier as a gift and am a first time user. I have made it so that only new episodes are recorded but it still records reruns! I've seen other threads about Tivo recording reruns because the program description is generic but this isn't the case for me. All of the reruns show the original air date and no rerun has a generic description (in fact, each episode's title is listed)! It records current season reruns. These shows are clearly reruns since the description and original air date are listed. This used to happen with my TWC dvr several years ago but they fixed the issue. I really didn't think the Tivo would do it too. Than you in advance for your help!
  2. ggieseke

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    May 30, 2008
    A TiVo considers any show with an original air date within the last 28 days to be "new" unless it has already appeared in your Now Playing list. On a new unit that will include lots of reruns but it will settle down soon.

    If any of the reruns it's recording have an OAD older than 28 days it may be picking them up as Suggestions. The icon in the Now Playing list will be different in that case.
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    It also depends on how reliably the network is at providing correct original air date information. Some stations and programs are notoriously unreliable at this. If they don't correctly indicate the date (or that it's a rerun) the Tivo won't be able to tell if it's new or not.
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    Recording stuff you don't want isn't nearly as annoying as not recording something you did want.

    Besides, if the show first aired before you put your Tivo unit into service, then as far as that particular unit is concerned, the second airing isn't a re-run because that particular TiVo never had the chance to record it or not record it. It's like a used car. It may not be new, but it's new to you. Since TiVos time-shift stuff from when you can't watch to when you can, this could grab some reruns of airings you missed seeing "live" because you were at work, or asleep because you just got off of a double shift, or at your child's (or grandchild's) piano recital or baseball game.
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    Very misleading and very inaccurate.
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    That's sort of correct. It's not every old show that a new TiVo would treat as First Run, episodes that first aired in about the last month.

    TiVo considers a show to be First Run* if it is airing no more than 28 days after the original air date (from it's own guide data).
    However if a show 1) already exists in the now playing list**, 2) is currently schedule to record, 3) has recorded in the last 28 days, or 4) a scheduled recording of it was manually canceled in the last 28 days, it is treated as a Duplicate instead.

    Normally this set of conditions is a good thing because it allows the TiVo to grab a 2nd or 3rd airing of, for example, a cable show where recording conflicts meant it couldn't be recorded in the first timeslot it was aired.
    But for a brand new TiVo it causes user confusion because a First Run Only season pass will grab shows from the last month that you've already see because none of the rules that normally block that kind of thing can work without a recording history.

    *I'm going to skip the various "in case of bad or partial guide data" cases that TiVo seems to have, this is just for shows with good guide data.
    **This may not work if it the episode is in the list because it was transfered from another TiVo. I'm not sure.

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