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    Good & bad news... the 8TB drive passed its 14 hour Western Digital diagnostics, but KS 58 still would not confirm itself with alternating green & yellow lights and otherwise enable a complete service connection (still stuck at "loading info: 1%") so I went ahead did another MFS Tools 3.2 copy & upgrade that was successful in enabling service connections, but overall only 90% successful.

    Note, I made sure to attempt a manual service connection after each expansion step including at the beginning with the cloned copy of the original Roamio-OTA drive, and each connection succeeded so I thought that along with a now certified drive meant everything was going to go well ... so just after the second to last expansion step the drive had expanded to 1133 HD hours capacity, I arrived at the final expansion step, that is the final repetition of the MFSADD & MFSADDFIX combination (which ultimately should have expanded the drive to the full 1284 HD hours capacity for an 8TB drive) something strange happened...

    ...I put the drive back in the Roamio-OTA and powered it up, then a warning screen popped up that stated (paraphrased): The External Storage Device is not connected. Connect it and reboot OR to permanently disable external storage enter 3 thumbs down and press clear: all recordings will be lost during this process...

    ...Why did it go there??? I've never connected, never even touched the external storage connection, never had anything to do with it within the Tivo software. This warning made no sense, so I unplugged the Tivo, waited 30 seconds, and rebooted...the same warning returned, there seemed no way around it and I don't care about external storage so I entered 3 thumbs down and pressed clear, and the TiVo restarted and announced it was doing a service connection update and that "this will take a while."...

    ...After 6 minutes the Roamio was back on its home screen. I did a successful manual service connection (even though it had just done its own service reconnect/update). I checked the Roamio's system file and noticed that the HD capacity hours stayed at 1133 hours instead of expanding to 1284 HD hours as it should have...

    ...so I decided to repeat the last of the 3 repeats of the MFSADD and MFSADDFIX expansion steps... (just to be clear, that's the original MFSADD and MFSADDFIX followed by the maximum 3 repeats of the MFSADD and MFSADDFIX step, but since the last of these total 4 steps didn't expand the capacity to 1284 I repeated that last repeat, making for a total of 5 MFSADD and MFSADDFIX steps...

    ...bottom line: this 5th step did NOT work--specifically, I entered MFSADD -xcm 2040 /dev/sdb and MFS Tools 3.2 replied with little or nothing (maybe the word "success" appeared--I only recall there was little or no reply)...

    ...BUT after I then entered MFSADDFIX /dev/sdb, then there was quite reply (actually it came after I entered "y" to complete the addfix process):

    " Little endian computer detected. "
    " Error: not a series 5 and later Tivo drive. Signature expected to be 9214 but is 33ed. "
    " Unable to process drive. "

    This is a series 5 drive--a clone of one. I then put the drive back in the Roamio and powered it up...and this time I thought to try KS 58 once more.

    I tried KS 58 exactly as I had the last 3 times BUT this time it succeeded, succeeded at least to the point of displaying alternating green and yellow lights, yet that was all that was different from the other times, meaning the Roamio booted up to the main menu within a minute or two, exactly the same as always. I then checked the capacity and it still hadn't expanded past 1133 HD hours. I then made a successful manual connection ...and that's where this upgrade now stands.

    The other Tivo Roamio OTA I upgraded to 8TB a month ago is at 1284 HD hours capacity and fully functioning--BTW I purchased both Roamios OTA's together from Tivo.com I wonder if I should just leave well enough alone at 1133 hours with this one? Do you have any insight or advice on this?
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    Interesting. Can you post the output of the mfsinfo -d command on the drive.

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