Replaced PS on SD-DVR40, no live A/V now

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by Hammertramp, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Apr 19, 2010



    My old SD-DVR40 started pausing and pixelating and randomly restarting and finally just sat there with only the fan running, so I replaced the power supply after about a month of it sitting on the shelf.

    Now I can watch any of my previously recorded shows, np. Get strong sat signal on both tuners. Full up-to-date guide. Everything works, except no live shows, just a black screen, with the overlay if I bring it up. Had it call in, it took almost an hour but that went fine, no change. It's not giving me any errors at all.

    In the System Information menu, for "DIRECTV Account Status", it says "Account closed, call...." Called DTV, they sent activation signal, even though everything looks fine on their end, no change. Restarted a few times. Unplugged and waited, unplugged sat cables and switched them, etc.. No change. Tech says at this point he has to send on-site visit. So that's where I am now.

    Took out card, unit says "hey, put that back", cleaned contacts, put back in, card error goes away, black screen still.

    Any ideas?


  2. pgaulson

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    Jun 30, 2005
    I had the identical problem recently on one of my SD-DVR40 units, which I had both hacked and increased the hard drive to 160 Mb. My power supply completely failed (which I suspect was related to this problem) but I had a good one from another unit not in service and when installed, everything on my unit was exactly as you describe. And, the CSR advised me the same thing that you got, but I declined further help since they wanted to try updating software, which would wipe my hacks.

    I had several units, all hacked and on my network, but with one not actively subscribed and merely storage (for MRV transfers to my active units). So, I swapped hard drives between these two units. The replacement hard drive did not fix the unit that was not getting reception (confirming the problem must be somewhere on the motherboard/tuner hardware). I then swapped units, canceling subscription of the "bad" unit (which now works okay for storage, as MRV transfers were not affected by the problem) and substituted the unit that had been storage as the active unit. When that was added back, it received live shows on both tuners, no problem. And, since that now has the original hard drive (only now in a different unit) all the saved shows and season passes were there.

    Bottom line, you need a different unit, and -- in order to keep your old hard drive, with shows and season passes -- you need to hack it, so you then can run "51killer.tcl" when you swap it into the different unit to get rid of the error #51 nag. I can't say for sure, but I think that even if you cannibalize the mother board/tuner hardware from a different unit for your unit, you would still get the error #51 nag. So, if you can't hack your hard drive (I recommend the zipper which you can read about on other threads in this forum), then your only remaining option is to replace with a different unit that you use for live TV and only connect the old unit when you want to watch your previously recorded shows.
  3. kenr

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    Dec 26, 1999
    I have the same exact problem as the original poster. I replaced a bad access card Tuesday (did the power supply zap the first one?). Two days later it wouldn't boot so I replaced the power supply. Now I'm having the problem with the "Account Closed" on the System Information screen. I wonder if the bad power supply damaged the mainboard.

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