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    Can someone please help me? My husband has dementia and has such a hard time with the remote. Is there any kind of a simple remote that will work with TiVo? He doesn't need anything on the remote except on/off, volume, channel. and mute. He doesn't understand the record and all of that. He just starts pushing buttons and causes such problems.
    Any suggestions??
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    Most universal remotes support TiVo. TiVo has been using the same code set for 20+ years. So if you can find a simple universal remote you like do a google search for the manual. Look to see if it lists TiVo as one of the devices in the code list. (sorry no direct recommendations)
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    Sep 29, 2013
    I just bought an EasyMote for my elderly mother with vision and dexterity problems:,aps,137&sr=1-1

    I had considered this one too:,aps,133&sr=8-1

    The EasyMote comes with pairing instructions, plus there's a video on their web site:

    EasyMote -

    In the end we used a combination of pairing methods. With her TiVo remote set to RF mode the EasyMote picked up on/off and volume up/down. With her TiVo remote set to IR mode the EasyMote picked up channel up/down. Then we switched the TiVo remote back to RF mode since it works better for her that way (seems to be less forgiving as far as aim is concerned).

    To switch the remote between IR and RF modes:
    1) to enter IR mode: TiVo button + Red C button. Activity light will flash red.
    2) to enter RF mode: TiVo button + Green D button. Activity light will flash amber.

    She's been using the EasyMote for about a week and says she is happy with it.
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