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    I recently bought a used Roamio (TCD840300) with 3 Mini boxes and 4 remotes w/ 3TB and Lifetime. The remotes do not function in RF only IR. I have gone through the remote setup procedure but when I get to the part in the remote setup to "Pair Remote" nothing happens. It states: "Pair Your Remote With Your Tivo Box"...[Not Paired]. When I click on that a message comes up: "To pair a new remote, make sure you are within 3 feet.....Hold the Back and Tivo button together until until the activity light turns solid red...
    First, none of my large remotes have a "back" button, but the zoom button functions as "back". When I hold those 2 buttons, the activity light does not turn red, no matter how long I hold it. I've tried the Tivo and Red C, Green D, with no results. The activity light never does anything other than flash yellow when I press a command. It seems like none of my remotes go into pair mode.
    Under Remote diagnostics>Remote Type/Mode>IR Mode.
    I have 3 of the large remotes and 1 of the small. (see photo)
    I appreciate any advice.
    Thanks in advance. Remotes.jpg
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    Only the little remote has RF and will pair, the large ones are IR only and will only be assignable by address 1-9 (address 0 on the remote or Tivo is a global "anyone will respond" setting)
    Have you done the global reset of the RF remote?

    To perform a global reset:
    1. Press and hold the TiVo + TV Power buttons until the activity indicator blinks red.
    2. Press Thumbs Down three times, then press Enter.
    The activity indicator will flash red three times if the global reset is successful.

    How to Program a New TiVo Remote - Tips and Troubleshooting
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    THANK YOU! I've tried this countless times and today I tried it again and I did the global reset and sat right next to the box and surprisingly it found the Tivo Mini and paired. I know my Tivo got an update a few weeks ago, maybe it fixed the buggy setup. Thanks again
  4. Gregavi

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    Jan 19, 2003
    Thanks. Got it to work. The batteries were dead. My bad. It does have an indicator light.
    I assume I can purchase another RF remote that will work with the mini boxes.
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