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    Feb 22, 2007


    I just bought a new DTV RC16 universal remote. I'm trying to marry it to my DTV/Tivo R10. The tivo did not come with a peanut so I had to try this RC16. I tried all the dvr codes in the manual (found online) and it would not work. Any ideas as where to find the code? I did marry it (the remote) to my tv so I know it works.
  2. hamhock

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Ok, I got an answer (sort of) from the forum on DTV's website. Evidently I can only partially control my tivo. Better than nothing I suppose. Here is the answer I got.

    "Sorry but you're out of luck. The only SAT codes the RC16 knows are 00001-00004. And those are only for the following receivers D10, d11, d12, R15, H10, H20, and HR20.

    You need a white remote with format key under the tv input key, only those remotes are truly universal remotes."

    You can only control the dtivo partially using code 20618 on av1 or av2 devices. Because the rc16 only acccepts SAT codes 00001-00004 on the dtv symbol device, and certain keys like GUIDE are locked to the dtv device. and so aren't available in other devices."
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    Looks familiar. :)

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    Oct 14, 2004
    They had peanut remotes at on sale for 99 cents a few days ago. You can get one for like $5 on eBay. That RC16 thing is a POS.

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