Recovering a recording from a Premiere Q with a lost MAK (help!)

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by presario425, Aug 10, 2020.

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    Aug 10, 2020


    Hey all! I've got a bit of a doozy here and perhaps someone can help.

    Back in 2015 I recorded some rare footage of a local cable channel on the cableco-provided Premiere Q. On my laptop, I had the free version of TiVo Desktop installed with the MAK entered. I just now got around to recovering that laptop's hard drive, and on it, I found the .TiVo files I had recorded (which I had previously thought were lost forever). However - there is just one issue. They're encrypted, as all .TiVo files are. :-(

    I obviously cannot remember the MAK that would have been used at that time. And, while I do still own the Premiere I used to record that file with, the MAK screen is completely missing, and I'm fairly sure the TiVo account associated with that DVR is either abandoned or totally dead. Now, here's what I'm wondering. Is there any way to decrypt and recover this recording? I remember there being something about the MAK still being in the system registry, however it's an encrypted string. Is there any way to decrypt that so that I can get the MAK, or just bypass the encryption entirely? Getting this recording back would mean a lot. I appreciate any assistance here!

    P.S. If it can aid at all in this, I'm fairly sure I can still access the old laptop's registry, and as previously mentioned I do still own the DVR the recording was made on.
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    You still have the cable company Premiere Q? It should have the MAK in it's System Information.

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    If the old laptop where you had TiVo Desktop installed still runs, Dan203's pyTivo Desktop includes a command line utility named tivomak that can extract the MAK. You should also be able to view the MAK by logging into your account at
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    Aug 10, 2020
    I was also a customer of this cable company until just recently, where I moved and I don't get their coverage anymore (until they expand their coverage to this area.) I had to return my unit to avoid a huge fee.

    When I cancelled my services with that company, this also cancelled the TiVo Service as well, making the Account Status in System Information be the number 8 (Cancelled, call <toll-free number, probably is the cable company but could be TiVo>). It disables a lot of 'key TiVo features', including the ability to view the MAK. (This also happens when it hasn't phoned home in 30 days or more.) I don't know if this happened with presario425's unit or not, however worth a try hooking it up to the internet and seeing if the MAK can be retrieved (and used).

    (File attached is what it says when cancelling your services with that cable company.) Clipboard117.jpg
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