Recording two channels with digital cable?

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    Question for the group: I currently have basic cable and a dual-tuner tivo. I am considering upgrading to digital cable. If I do so, will I lose the ability to tape two channels at once? Or is it only that I can't tape two of the extra channels (i.e. the ones that are not part of basic) at once?

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    Oct 3, 2003
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    Will it work with my TV setup?

    The TiVo® Series2™ DVR works with cable, satellite, even roof-top antenna. It can also be used in a setup that includes VCRs and DVD players.

    The TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner (DT) DVR enables you to record from two basic cable channels, or one basic cable and one digital cable channel, at once. TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner (DT) DVR does not support recording from two digital cable or satellite channels at once. Also note that these models support recording from cable and satellite sources only; does not support recording from over-the-air antenna.

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