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    Suppose Program A runs 9-930 and Program B from 930-10. I am watching Program A but have paused it so it is not live. It is now 940 and I am watching Program A on delay. I now decide to record Program A. However, starting a recording results in a recording of Program B from the beginning (930) and none of Program A is available for me to watch. Program A gets wiped out from the rolling 30 min memory.

    When I first started with Tivo (Series 2) these circumstances would have given me an option to record the remaining part of Program A along with B. But that option doesn't seem to be there anymore.
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    AFAIK that has never worked once the program was over. IIRC if you want to record something in the buffer which has finished recording you need to create a manual recording for that channel starting from the beginning of the buffer.
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    I've always used the rule that if it's something I am watching, I always hit record. that way there are never ay issues. If I don't want it later I can always delete it. Otherwise it will be there for me to watch if I want. Sometimes you pause a program and don't get back to it for an hour or even days. By hitting record you don't have the issue of missing the programming.

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