recording fios tv to DVD recorder with tivo/fios cablecard?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by cduval04, Jul 3, 2011.

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    ok this post is for my dad....and if ur thinking why the hack does he want a dvd recorder when they already have a tivo...don't ask my dad is kinda weird he still "tapes" shows on VHS tapes using vcr, and tapes radio shows on cassettes....then again he also still pyas his bills with a pen, a check and the us postal service.....

    anyway, I didn't know much about the world of dvd recorders before a couple days ago, so I have a few questions before and if I actually decide to get him one.

    Question 1: we currently have an HD TV with an HD tivo connected and a multistream verizon fios cablecard. My question is regarding copyright limitations....what prevents you from just recording any tv program onto dvd, as you still can onto a VHS? and what percentage of the channels/shows have this protection? like would he only be able to record from the original 12 or so broadcast channels? this is my main concern....he watched a lot of the sports channels like espn espn2 golf channel nbatv etc....

    Question 2: also, when doing my research I thought of another benefit a dvd recorder may have. I have been putting all the family home videos which are on vhs onto dvd, but it's a bit of a process. I use an external usb capture device made by Hauppage hooked up to the VCR then the computer captures it realtime and generates an mpeg video file on my hard drive, THEN I have to spend the 1 or 2 hours it takes to convert to DVD format and burn with Nero so it can be played on a regular DVD being....
    can a standalone DVD recorder hook up to a VCR to transfer video direct to a DVD, or do you have to buy a DVD recorder with a built in VHS deck?

    Question 3: oh and someone once told me that you can only play the recorded DVD's on the recorder, and not other regular DVD players...I couldn't believe this was actually true...but was he right?
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    1. If you're on FIOS the there should not be any copy issues. All FIOS channels are generally flagged as copy freely.

    2. If it's a standalone DVD recorder and not one integral to a PC then you should be able to do direct transfers from a VCR. Your best bet would be to download the user manual for any model you're interested in and see how it handles such copies.

    3. The main limitation you'll run into between DVD players and recorders is whether the given player is compatible with the type of recordable disc you're using (i.e., DVD-R vs. DVD+R). The only other limitation I can think of is if the video format of the original source material is a non-standard DVD format. Videos recorded on some older Tivos used non-standard resolutions and resulted in DVDs that would only play on certain players. If it's a standard format then it should play on any player with the aforementioned caveats.
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    There was that one area of the country where Fios has flagged shows for not copying, but the rest of us are free to transfer shows. If I were you I would just copy the shows from the Tivo to a desktop computer then burn it to a DVD. If you use a program like VideoReDo to take out the commercials.

    I don't know if there is a DVD recorder that will copy straight to a DVD. I think it's mostly because you don't know if it will all fit onto one DVD. If you were taping a Super Bowl and using high quality, I don't think it would fit on one DVD.

    I had a DVD recorder that you could only playback on the one machine. It sucked, and I would research it before I buy one again. Like I said, I would just transfer the shows to a computer and burn the DVD there.
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    I am doing what you dad wants to do. I have a panasonic DVD recorder that is connected to the componet out of my Tivo. However it is not a Blue ray recorder so the DVD's that it makes are not in HD. You use it just like you would a VCR. I find the program I want to record in the play now list. Key it up to the start and put the Tivo in pause. I then press the record button on the recored and wait til it starts up and then press the play button on the Tivo. Both the Tivo and the dvd recorder are connected to an Onkyo receiver that I use as a switch that also up converts the out put of the recorder to 1080 and sends the signal by way of HDMI to the TV.
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    Your question is flawed. Unless you have (questionably-legal) filters installed, most VCRs will fail to record (or record unwatchable recordings) the same things a DVD recorder will fail to record (due to Macrovision being put in the output signals).

    Premium channels (e.g. HBO) will almost certainly be unable to record. The rest depends upon what your local cable company does.

    BTW, while I have a DVD recorder and still use it daily (it also has a hard drive in it), I also have mostly transferred to copying stuff to a computer. That way, you can get the recordings on a computer, and then if you wanted to, could burn to BluRay, or make far snazzier DVDs than you could on a standalone DVD recorder.

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