Recording a show in progress (bug?)

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by aforkosh, Jun 22, 2007.

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    Last night, on my new Series3, I had one of tuners on a channel well before the show that I wanted to record had started. I thought that show was on my TO DO list, so I walked away to do other things. About 20 minutes in, I noticed that it was not being recorded. I then went to the INFO banner and hit SELECT to pick up the recording from the begiining of the show (note that it was an HD show). I expected that the recording would not start at the beginning of the buffer, but rather about 10 minutes in, which is when the show actually started.

    At that point, I went to the Now Playing List and selected the show from there. To my surprise, the beginning of recording was the last 10 minutes of the preceding show (i.e. the material in the buffer prior to start of my desired show). As the indication was that the recording would be for only 1 hour, I extended the recording time by 30 minutes to be sure of catching the end of the show.

    Have I misunderstood recording from the buffer or have I seen a bug? If I use the buffer to catch up on a show, do I need to then extend the recording to be sure that I catch the end?
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    I have noticed the same behavior. In the past, if you had 10 min of the previous show in the buffer and then hit record, the recording would start at the beginning of the current show. The problem with that was that if you had something in the buffer that you didn't want to loose and hit record after the next show had started you would loose the buffer contents that you were trying to save. This has happened to me on several occassions.

    Now, when you hit record it preserves the entire buffer in the recording. I have noticed that it will extend the recording to the end of the show so you don't have to worry about that. But this solution is almost as bad as the previous situation because (especially if you are recording an HD show) it can create a considerable amount of wasted disk space.

    It seems like the best solution would be to ask you if you want to start recording at the beginning of the current show, or the beginning of the buffer.
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    I think that recording the entire buffer automatically should not be the default option. But it is the safe choice by the TiVo without the questions.

    If you schedule the program through the guide or the TiVo Find Programs menu it will get rid of the part of the buffer that you don't want. You can even bring up the guide, press enter, and back the time up a half hour. Then back on the guide you can pick which program you actually wanted (the last 10 minutes of the prior program or the entire program currently on) - no wasted space this way.

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