Reallly Like My Premier XL/Almost Cut The Cord

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by elwaylite, May 29, 2011.

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    Had the TiVo XL for several weeks now, love it. Im not using the HD menus, because I love the speed on the old menus, no biggie for me.

    I've been experimenting with the 1080p/24 Amazon TV and Movie file downloads, and man the PQ is outstanding. I just downgraded my Satellite service to Dish's America plan ($25 month) mainly to have a few channels for a rainy day and ESPN/ESPN2.

    I'm probably going to use Amazon VOD downloads for just about everything I can, including my movie watching. Im buying 3D flicks now because I have too, but the 1080p/24 movies I can download (new releases) look great IMO, and I just keep 2 on the HDD at a time, to watch whenever I want. Cutting the cord was not as much about price, as it is PQ. My locals stink, and I dont have stuff like BBCAHD and AMCHD, so Amazon works well. All in all, I'll pay about the same as I was in a month, and gain better overall PQ without commercials. I also love how when you buy a Season Pass at the beginning, Amazon will auto download the episode once it is out every week.

    I know some will feel that Amazon for a movie is overpriced compared to Netflix, and the 1080p/24 5mbps encode is not up to Blu standards, and both are true, but it offers convenience for me and the PQ is very good, as well as having a 5.1 soundtrack.

    All in all, the TiVo premier is kinda the hub of my setup now. Once someone ups the encode a hair on the movies (I doubt most really care now;Have several friends that use the 1080p VOD movies from Directv and love it) and they figure a way to throw in HD audio, I imagine Blu will be in trouble. Id' use Vudu HDX overall, but my HSI connection is not good enough to stream it, so downloaded files work much better for me.

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