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    Nevermind. Looks like my router may be the problem. Realized it was the only failure point in the system I didn't restart. Once I did, archiving started and completed its process.


    For anyone still using a ReadyNAS with their Roamio, have you found a solution or workaround for this situation below? It used to happen intermittently, but I can't seem to get past it this time.

    For several months now, the archiving activity just stalls. Sometimes it's shortly after beginning, or in the case of the last two days, it might get through an entire show or nearly through it, before stalling. I'm unsure if the issue is on the Roamio side or the ReadyNAS.

    Pertinent info, if useful for trouble shooting:

    Carrier: Spectrum Cable with TA
    ReadyNAS: NV+ v2, (4) 3 TB drives, 1.4 TB free space
    Networked: Wired through Apple Airport Extreme
    All items for xfer are KUID and not copyright protected

    Steps to resolve (worked in the past, but no longer resolves):
    - Delete any incomplete archived items
    - Uncheck TiVo from ReadyDLNA and Save
    - Uncheck ReadyDLNA and Save
    - Restart ReadyNAS
    - Simultaneously Unplug and restart TiVo
    - Re-authorize ReadyDLNA and the TiVo in ReadyNAS

    In the past two days, it's stalled on archiving the movie Pleasantville and an episode of Supernatural, but it did archive an episode of Grey's Anatomy (before again stalling on the same episode of Supernatural.)

    I've also read some of the logs from the ReadyNAS, but they don't reveal anything.
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