Read this if you want to use your Series2 DVR with a wireless adapter

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    Are you trying to get the updates using the Vonage phone line? If so, that can be a VERY tricky thing. It CAN be done. You might want to do a search - for I believe there is a prefix that you put in and it may take many tries. Kind of not worth it when you have to keep doing it...

    If you have wireless - it's much easier to do the updates via wireless with an adaptor. (although even that has been tricky lately with adaptors...the newer ones seem to ONLY work with the Tivo-branded one)

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    HELP!!! I have a series 2 Toshiba that stopped being updated via my phone line in late Sept. I finally gave up and am in the process of switching the Tivo unit onto our wireless network. We have a Link Sys "N" router and I have the Tivo adapter I just bought today at Best Buy. It recognizes our wireless network but it keeps saying that there is no DHCP server. I am lost at this point. What is the reason for this error message? Thanks in advance.

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