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    We've had the HR10 for many years now, and about two years ago it was upgraded to a 1TB drive w/Instant Cake and all has been well, until tonight.

    Yesterday, my wife inadvertently powered off the HR10 - no big deal right, she has done it before when she means to turn off the TV.

    Tonight the HR10 did not respond to the remote, and pressing Power on the unit did not help either.

    Pulled the plug and the unit went through multiple iterations of Powering Up, please wait and then just before going to get satellite data back comes the Powering Up screen.

    After this cycled several times, pulled the plug and tried again.

    Just before going to satellite screen up popped the message to press Power On or Live TV and then a few seconds later reverted to Powering Up screen

    Pulled the plug again for another hard reset.

    This time, the satellite screen flashed before reverting to the Powering Up screen.

    Next, I used the internet to re-authorize the HR10 and this time around the system booted up.

    My suspicions:

    a) Re-authorize have been the issue all along, the unit was not powering on because the unit was de-registered for some reason.

    b) Hard disk woes, drive is failing and it is solely coincidence that it powered up successfully after being re-authorized.

    Are there other possibilities that I have not thought of?

    Any opinions on whether the problem was de-registered or a failing disk?


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